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Our History

UOPISA started out in 2018 with the vision to create a united voice for Pacific students at the University of Otago. Almost five years later, UOPISA has expanded its reach into various strategic spaces and now represents thirteen Pacific member associations.


Our vision is constantly evolving, but we are led by our core Pacific values of:​

Compassion, Collectivism, Reciprocity, Service, and Sustainability.

2018 - Established by local Pacific student leaders.

2019 - Began forming, President got an ex-officio seat on OUSA.

2020 - Increasing visibility of UOPISA, representation on local governance, one new member association (OMISA).

2021 - Increasing executive's capacity, five new member associaitons (BOPSA, OPICSA, OFISA, OKISA, ONSA).

2022 - First combined leadership weekend event with Te Rōpū Māori.

Aumaga PAN22
Aumaga PAN22
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